Business consultation assistance

Developing new business relations and constructing a new network of people and organisations in a new country or a region it is always a time consuming and tuff task for anyone. ISBC task is firstly, to assist the companies and the institutions in Sweden that are interested in establishing their business in Iraq. Secondly, we are also allocating the requests from Iraqi companies that are interested in finding a business partner in Sweden. As we are carrying a bundle of important, reputed and trust-worthy contacts in this region both in governmental and private sector such as the Federation of Iraqi Industries, the Federation of Iraqi Chamber of Commerce etc. These highly developed contacts are always encouraging the foreign companies and institutions involved in doing business in Iraq. ISBC providing consulting services and assistance within the following branches: Construction, Oil and Gas, IT & Telecommunication, Engineering, Electric supply, Manufacturing Industry, Import & Export sales, Transport and Logistic, Insurance and Investment management both financial and Banking. ISBC is always fully prepared on short notices for such assistance for its clients.